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What Causes a Noisy Air Conditioner

by ActionLocal Apr 8, 2019

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Without any doubt, a noisy air conditioner is very frustrating. It can be worrisome when new noises come from your AC, which usually means that there is something wrong inside the AC that requires repair. If you ignore the noise from your AC, it will only make the problem worse to a point where it may be impossible to fix it, instead needing a new one. That's why it is recommended to repair your AC as soon as possible when you hear unusual noise coming from your unit.


It is always better to know the cause of the problem, and sadly, there can be various reasons behind a noisy air conditioner. That's why it is suggested to have a professional inspect your AC unit, and can tell you the reasons for your noisy air conditioner.
The following are some possible reasons behind a noisy air conditioner you need to know:


1. Malfunctioning Compressor:


The compressor in the airconditioning unit is an elementof the cooling system that mainly works to cool refrigerant and pressurize the unit. The compressor of the air conditioner always make noise, however, if the compressor of the unit is making a strange noise, then it might be wearing out. A buzzing sound from your AC is a clear indication that your AC conditioning compressor is not working properly. Also, it may be that the electrical voltage is not at its right amperage which flows through an outdoor air conditioner. In this situation, all you can do is to call a professional to repair your AC as fast as possible to avoid more damage.


2. Faulty Fan


In air conditioners, there is one fan at the rear end and one fan at the front end. You should keep the fans in your AC unit clean and maintained on a regular basis in order for it to work it properly. If rattling or a humming noise is coming from your AC fan area, then you should check the fan blades. In this situation, you can remove any dust particles or debris you see around or on the blades.
If the issue is not dust or debris, then you need to check if the blades themselves are movable or loose. If they are, then you need to tighten the blades. Sometimes, the blades of the fan bend slightly, which in turn, touch the advancement element of the unit, resulting in producing annoying noise.


3. Faulty Driver Motor or Fan Motor


The fan motor of an AC unit has bearings that require them to be lubricated. For many years of use, the lubrication may lead to the break, resulting in making the motor have an unusually loud noise. Generally, the fan motor is not repairable, but will require replacement if it is broken.


4. Faulty Moto Belt


If you hear screeching sound coming from your AC, then this noise is a clear indication of a motor bearing or belt issue. Normally, belts are not expensive to repair, and a faulty motor belt is one of the most common causes of a noisy air conditioner.


6. Frozen AC Unit


Although the airconditioning system is used during summer, AC units frequently freeze up. Freezing results into refrigerant leaks, and it can cause a buzzing sound from your AC unit.
If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your AC, then it is the right time to contact air conditioner experts to fix your problem quickly and easily.


Other Kind of Noises Your Air Conditioners Can Make


Just because your AC is making a noise, it does not mean that there is something wrong.
Here are additional noises that show there is a problem with your AC and that you need to call air conditioner experts to get the problem fix:

  • Squealing
You may notice this noise coming from your AC unit when your AC fan or heater is on. It indicates that the fan belt of your AC is worn or misaligned. Some units come with a belt that further connects motor and fan. With the passage of time, this belt starts to wear out or get misaligned, resulting in a squealing noise. This noise can come and go, because different humidity levels and temperature cause your AC unit belt to contract and expand.
It is recommended to fix this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, the belt may break down and your problem can become worse.
  • Clicking
Clicking sounds can come from your AC unit when it won't start. So, if the AC unit does not turn on, but continues to produce a clicking noise, call  an expert. There may be an electrical problem that needs to be fixed. It can be a defective thermostat, capacitor, or compressor.
You may hear a clicking sound while your AC unit is running. It may be because there is a small obstruction in your AC unit outdoor fan. All you can do in this case is to remove the obstruction and run your AC as usual.
  • Rattling
Generally, a rattling sound coming from AC means that your air conditioner component may have come loose. Remember that the louder the rattling sound is, the more severe the issue could be.
  • Banging or Clanking
If you hear these noises coming from your AC unit, then the problem is generally the blower assembly or the motor.
  • Humming
If you hear humming sound coming from your AC unit, then it may be there is a problem in the capacitor or motor.
  • Screaming

The screaming sound coming from your AC unit is a clear indication that your unit may be failing or worn.