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Summer Tree Service Checklist

by ActionLocal May 26, 2019

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The summer season doesn't just bring out the best in Trees, it's also makes the trees susceptible to some things that can harm them. So, before we check out the summer tree service checklist, let's understand the problems trees have to face in the summer seasons.


Problems Faced By Trees In Summer:


1: Disease and Insect Problems:

The rise in temperature causes an increase in insect activities. And they are the main careers of various diseases. We water our trees thinking that they need it but it attracts the nearby insects as they also need something soothing in hot summers. Orange, yellow or brown spotting on trees means that they have a fungal infection. Lace bugs and aphids like to hide in the leaves which lead to major leaf loss and interrupt photosynthesis.


2: Overcoming Draught:

When the summer season comes, heat and lack of water become a major issue for everyone. So, check the signs of wilted leaves or the leaves which are turning yellow. It means that the tree needs more water to survive.


3: Pruning:

When the spring season subsides the summer, it is time for pruning. It is very important how you prune the trees and if you make some mistake, your tree or shrubs might not be able to thrive properly. In such situations an Arborist might help you to take preventive measures.


4: Installing Landscapes:

Most of the people like trees not only for their health benefits, its beauty also matters. If you install the trees in a place which doesn't have the perfect environment for the trees, then they will go into shock and die right after installation.


Considering all these factors, it obviously seems like taking care of trees in summer is as hard, as it is in any other season. In fact, it might be the hardest season for them. There is little rainfall and the temperature is soar, which makes it harder for the trees to grow at an average rate. Due to these factors, tree maintenance is very important. The homeowners need to pay attention to the signs of stress, infestation and lack of moisture. So, start checking:



The soil health is the major factor which affects the trees. Most of the issues faced by trees are due to bad soil. The problems include poor nutrition value, soil compaction, and soil acidity which don't suit the trees.

Thus, the best soil you can keep in your landscape area is the forest soil. It will protect the trees from insects, environmental stress and other problems too. The arborist can help you to check whether the soil is right for the trees or not. He/She will give you recommendations to improve the health of trees and keep the insects and pests away.



Watering the trees in the drought season is very important. Don't water the soil to a certain amount every day. Instead of it, soak the soil deeply with more than enough water, that will last a week. In the summer season the trees need about one inch of water for every 1000 square feet of the root, so keep a track of the weather condition and water the trees according to the rainfall. Keep in mind, that too much watering can also have a negative impact on the health of trees.


Keep the Pest Out:

Normally, pests become a problem for the trees in the spring season, but some of them also bother the trees during summer. Pests like Japanese beetles and bagworms are often found in summer season. Therefore, using pesticides and insecticides are very important. You can also remove the bugs and pests manually. It will be better if you keep your tree as a house to sparrows and birds, so they will eat the pest.

To prevent any other damage, you need to follow the summer tree service checklist. We have provided a complete tree care guide which makes sure that your trees are kept safe and sound.


1: Mulching:

Mulching stabilizes the soil temperature and conserves the soil temperature. It is a big step in reducing the weed competition too. The proper method is to form a donut-like shape at the base of trees, so that the trees can be kept safe.


2: Irrigation:

During the hot summers, watering the plants and trees is very important to make sure they can achieve the ideal growth rate. While irrigation, less-frequent water application promotes better growth. Thus, make sure that you have a specified time for irrigation.


3: Fertilization:

Caring of trees means providing them the nutrition that they need to support the growth and fend the pests and diseases. The trees which grow in the suburban or urban areas have greater fertilization needs compared to the ones, which grow in natural areas.


4: Pruning:

Pruning is like science and art combined in one term. Even though people opt for trimming during the winter season. Pruning in summer is also necessary sometimes. The diseased, damaged or dead branches need to be cut off for safety reasons. Plus, the flowering trees must be pruned in summer as they finish blooming.


5: Tree Pest Infection:

Examining the health of trees is a job of professional, i.e. Arborist. While the majority of insects can't harm the trees, the pest can affect them to a great extent. Therefore, they need to be controlled. Calling the pest inspection team will be a better idea to identify if there is some issue with the trees and if the homeowners need to take some preventive measures.


6: Natural Damage Prevention:

Last, but not least, another thing that you need to take care of is the Summer Storm. Thunderstorm, heavy winds and major storms can risk the protection of your trees and the trees might fall down. Therefore, you also have to assess the safety of your house from the trees. Removing the weak limbs and branches will be helpful.


As you can see, we can take care of our trees by ourselves, but we can also take help of an Arborist to make sure that we are not making some mistakes.