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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

by ActionLocal Apr 23, 2019

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Every season brings new maintenance jobs for your home. Now that summer is here and you'll want to maintain your home and backyard against the summer heat's assault. In fact, there are lots of things you can do to clean up your home, both inside and out. Well, if you are looking for a home maintenance checklist for summer, then you have come to the right page. Here, you will get to know some maintenance tips that will help keep your home healthy and happy.


Tip 1: Wash Exterior Windows


There is no doubt that summer is an ideal time to wash the exterior windows of your home. During the colder months, it's good practice to wash the interior windows. When the temperatures get warm, it's the perfect time to wash the windows of your home. To do this, take a bucket, fill it with hot and soapy water and do some scrubbing. Wash your home exterior windows using this mixture, and you will get the best results.


Tip 2: Paint Touch-ups to Your Home Exterior


It is one of the most important exterior home maintenance tips that will help you to improve the exterior appearance of your home. When it's warm enough to work outside, you can spend some time painting those small areas on the outside of your home that need a touch-up. If you are facing a problem getting this job done, then you can hire professional painters for this task.


Tip 3: Inspect and Clean Your Home Exterior


Another crucial home maintenance job to complete is to inspect and clean the exterior of your home. What the exterior of your home is made up of will decide how you should go about this summer home maintenance checklist.

The following are the most common exterior types, and how to inspect and clean them:

  • Vinyl

Does your home have vinyl siding? If yes, then it is less probable that it will need very much maintenance. For this, all you have to do is to walk around the exterior of your home to inspect it for any missing or damaged pieces. Replace the broken or  missing parts of vinyl siding and you're good to go.

  • Wood

While you are inspecting and cleaning the wood exterior of your home, you may realize that there is a need for fresh paint. Generally, wood siding is highly durable. But, if your house is situated in a place that experiences intense weather, such as heavy rain and snow, it is possible that it may require painting after every few years.

  • Aluminum

Another siding type that needs low maintenance job is aluminum. Just like vinyl siding, it can become loose or damaged. If you see any damaged or missing parts on your home, replace any needed pieces.


Tip 4: Check and Clean Your Ceiling Fans


The next maintenance checklist is to check and clean your ceiling fans. There are many homeowners who may don't know that they can reverse ceiling fans. This means that you set your ceiling fans to rotate in different directions. During summer, your fans should rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, and it will force the air downwards to create a cooling effect.

Most ceiling fans come with a visible switch that alters the direction in which they rotate. When you're changing your fan's direction, you should clean them with care too.


Tip 5: Inspect and Clean Your Patio and Deck


If there is a good thing about the summertime, then it is to spend some quality time with your loved ones in the sun on a patio or deck. Before you spend time on your patio or deck, it's important to check and clean them first. Check if your deck or patio requires any kind of maintenance. For instance, if you have a wood patio or deck, then you may need to paint or stain it. Generally, wood decks require staining and painting every 1 to 2 years.


Tips 6: Inspect and Clean Your Air Conditioner


Another vital summer home maintenance checklist is inspecting and cleaning your air conditioner. Every air conditioner comes with a filter that you must be cleaned every 2 weeks. Using warm water or vacuum cleaner, you can clean the dust out of filter. There is also a fan in every air conditioner, and the fan should also be cleaned to remove any debris and dust particles. If you don't know how to clean the fan, then it is recommended that you should take assistance from someone professional.


Tip 7: Inspect Your Washing Machine


A washing machine is an appliance that requires some maintenance every season. If you haven't used your washing machine for that long, then it's the right time to check it. If you find any major issues, then you can call a professional to fix it. If there are any odd odors emanating from your washer, you can clean the washing machine yourself in order to remove them. It's an important thing to do every year to ensure your washing machine stays in great shape.


Tip 8: Inspect Your Fence


Do you have a fence around your home? If yes, then summer is an ideal time to inspect it. It's another important summer home maintenance task that you should keep on your checklist. For the chain-linked fence, make sure that there are no broken pieces. For privacy fencing or stockade fencing, inspect if there are any missing or broken pieces. Just like staining and painting a deck can help to prolong its life, the same applies to wood fences.


These are some important home maintenance tips you can follow this summer. Home maintenance is vital, and you should not ignore it. With the help of the above maintenance tips, you'll ensure that your home remains in the best condition.