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Provide Tree Care to Prepare for Spring

by ActionLocal Jun 2, 2019

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Finally, spring has sprung!! That also means that the time has also come to give your trees additional care and love to make them through the rest of the year.

If you are looking for tree care tips to prepare for spring, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will get know right guidance, tips, and tricks you need to take care of your trees by yourself.


However, spring is undoubtedly an ideal time to provide your trees with extra attention and love. Your tees have been asleep from the last three months and also having debris and moisture builds upon them. Thus, it is important to provide early maintenance before spring comes, so that your trees can enjoy a long and fruitful growing season. Here, we are going to list curial tree care maintenance tips you should follow to prepare them for spring.


1. Cleaning

We at Joe Skillen Tree Services recommended that the first step is cleaning the trees and its surrounding area too. There is no doubt that between snow, dead leaves, winter coverings, dead leaves, décor, debris and dust from wildlife, it may seem to be a quite daunting task.

However, cleaning activity is the necessary part, when it comes to preparing trees for spring. To begin with, you need to remove any leftover holiday décor from the branches and trunks too. Plus, it is also crucial that you must weed carefully around your trees. Happily, this is the perfect time to do this in the tree preparation for spring.


Furthermore, make sure that sticks and dead leaves aren't clogging up the regions around the trees and it is quite important to do that. Plus, you need to rake about 3 to 4 feet out from the tree base to make some room to perform other tree care maintenance activities.


2. Mulching

Now, the whole area around trees is cleaned completely and perfectly. Thus, the next steps are to move on mulching activity. It is considered to be one of the best practices you can do for ensuring better health of your trees.

When you are laying mulch for trees, you need to ensure that you are providing each trunk a thick layer, which is about 3 to 4 inches all around. This will allow moisture to escape and prevent fungus growth and minimize decay and rot. Keep in mind that it is one of the most important tree care maintenance activities for your trees because it will enable the trees to retain more and more water rather than letting it run off. Plus, it helps in conserving soil moisture, minimizes potential damage from mowers, and control the weed.


3. Watering

To make sure that your trees don't dry out as the weather conditions get warmer and warmer, watering activity throughout the spring is also quite important.

Depending on your tree age, the watering activity may be varied. Don't water old trees directly or next to their trunk. If you have a younger tree, then you should water them closer to their truck.


Tip from Joe Skillen Tree Services: Rather than watering your trees as often as possible, it is important that you should water them thoroughly and deeply and it will make a big difference. It is because roots of trees are about 18 to 24 inches below the ground and that's why it is better for trees to have a complete soaking less frequently, to make sure that they hold more water.


4. Pruning

After watering activity, the next one is pruning your trees. Spring is the perfect time for pruning and it is because all of your trees have been sleeping for the last few months. Plus, it is an ideal time because of fewer leaves, which make it easier and simpler to see whatever you're doing and also, because of fewer pests and bugs. In order to prune trees, you'll need to first remove all diseased and dead branches. If there are some extra stubs from limbs (old one), then you also need to remove those and cut back run branches together.

If you want professional help for pruning, then you can contact Joe Skillen Tree Services!!! We have modern equipment that can make your task much easier and faster.


5. Fertilize

Springtime is also an ideal time for fertilizing trees. Thus, before trees and shrubs start entering the growing season, you must fertilize your trees to not only to provide necessary nutrients but to enhance the resistance of trees to damage from insects, diseases and harsh weather.

Here are some tips to make sure that you are fertilizing your trees properly:

  • You should give larger trees about ¼ - a ½ pound of nitrogen per inch of diameter.

  • You should give smaller trees of about a ¼ pound of nitrogen.

  • Applying the fertilizer directly on the tree drip line is good.

  • Do you want to be absorbed quite faster? Then, you can drill holes into their surrounding regions with a probe or punch.

Other Helpful Tips

Apart from above-mentioned tips, there are also tips you can follow to provide additional love and care to your trees.

  • Soil Testing

You should also take professional assistance to test your soil for measuring its pH level. It is all because if the soil doesn't at the required pH level, then you'll need to do some adjustments. And there is no sense to wait for this task.

  • Plant New Trees

This spring, you can spread your affection and love for trees. So, if you are thinking about planting new trees, then it's right to do it now.


Need Professional Help? Hire an Arborist


If you think that it is quite difficult for you to follow the above tree maintenance tips yourself, then you can hire an arborist by contacting Joe Skillen Tree Services. Also, pruning or other removing trees activities are quite a dangerous task, especially when it comes to large trees.


That's why it is good to take professional help because tree care experts are well trained to work safely and smoothly in trees.