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Landscaping Trends for 2019

by ActionLocal Apr 16, 2019

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Every year, landscaping trends evolve. Homeowners continue to gravitate to their yard and envision new and exciting changes to their outdoor space. If you are thinking of changing your outdoor area into a more family or pet-friendly space or a great place to entertain for example, then you can get creative in a lot of ways.


As seasons change, the outdoor spaces are used for different activities. Ambiance can be important to some homeowners. And with all the DIY shows on TV, it seems like the sky is the limit when it comes to overhauling the look of your outdoor space.


Idea 1: Add Ambiance with an Outdoor Fire Feature:


Having fire pits and a Southwestern kiva-style fireplace is always a welcome addition to your outdoor space. Create an oasis in your backyard to create a lush look or make the space cozy. Try adding different textures and depth to your yard. The fireplace will provide the heat, light and relaxing atmosphere that begs you to chill outside during the colder months.


Idea 2: Create Multiple Facets to your Outdoor Living Area:


Stop and think about all the different activities you either do now or want to do in your yard. Do you entertain a lot? Do you have kids? Pets? You can define each space for its intended users. You can try separating the space with elevations, stairs, retaining walls, or planters. Match the things according to use so you will have useable space for all your adventures.


Idea 3: Carve Out a Private and Secluded Oasis:


People often like a cozy, comfortable, and private space in their backyard. For this type of space, you can carve out your own oasis retreat with a beautiful water feature and surround it with lush plants and low level LED or solar lights for evening enjoyment.


Idea 4: Lighting:


A few lights can entirely change any space. In the daylight, the light will look like sparkling ornaments and in the night, as they light up, they will create a whole different environment. You can host a party or plan a romantic night out with your partner. The right kind of lighting can create a whole different effect making it a beautiful combination in your outdoor space.


Idea 5: Restore the EcoSystem:


Restoring the ecosystem and creating an awesome outdoor space? Sign me up! As soil and embankments erode, homeowners are trying some pretty spectacular landscape Hail Mary's. Going native is always a good idea. Go with the ecosystem of the area you live in and import some non-native species if they are not invasive in an attempt to make your home both beautiful and encourage biodiversity. Boosting the ecosystem ensures natural sustainability and the way our planet is headed, this is both a practical and supportive approach to your outdoor space.


Idea 6: Install Two-In-One Landscape Design:


Having functional elements in your backyard are always the best way to go. These kinds of elements add stunning outdoor features in the backyard with dual tactical purpose. Adding an edible vertical edge to the backyard is great, but you'll have to protect your backyard with privacy fences too. In addition, a retaining wall will provide a personal sitting space where you can add seats or benches. You can even look toward bushes that have natural barrier features with thorns and entwining branches.


Ideas 7: Automated Landscape Maintenance:


Along with decoration, you can also add a sprinkler system and even faux grass. The automation will help you have more time for yourself and family because there is no real lawn to mow.


Ideas 8: Pergolas/Awnings/Gazebos:


Pergolas, awnings and gazebos are wonderful additions to your outdoor space. Add space heaters, sound system, lighting, and an outdoor kitchen and grilling area. Add a fire or water feature and you'll have your own personal outdoor sanctuary.


Idea 9: Metal Touch:


Metal elements like steel or iron can incorporate a different look and feel to the outdoor space. You can pair up the metal colors to add a little zing to your backyard. Whatever you can think of can probably be done with metal features. You can also add water fountains, mini waterfalls, or add some seating furniture around the showpiece to make it more stunning.


If you are creative enough then you can come up with your own ideas to make your backyard the perfect landscape. If not, hire someone more aligned with the creative arts than yourself. Implement your personal style and make your home the perfect place to hang out.