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Kitchen Design Trends in 2019

by ActionLocal May 12, 2019

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The kitchen is the most important area of your home, and who doesn't love a classy kitchen with modern equipment?

Whether you are planning to remodel your kitchen or building a new one, make sure that you keep it refreshing and unique. You can look for many ideas to renovate your kitchen in the most stylish way possible, and there are many kitchen design trends going on, that you can add your personal touch to.


The following is a list of unique and stunning kitchen design trends that will inspire others too.


1: Clever and Concealed Storage:

Every person wants their kitchen to be clean and concise no matter what. So, you can integrate room designs into your kitchen and make cupboards and small storage spaces to keep everything inside. Get a dishwasher and maximize the clever storage solutions so that you won't have to worry about the mess that is made in your kitchen.


2: Pewter and Gunmetal Hardware:

Gunmetal is red brass and pewter is an alloy of Tin, Copper, and Antimony. These hardware materials are trending and people love them. They are not as harsh as matte colors and they give texture and finish to the kitchen design. Plus, you get an advantage that these materials will last longer than expected with minimal damage.


3: Open Shelves:

Who said that you can't decorate your kitchen? Open shelves are one of the brilliant ideas that can help you to decorate your kitchen. Try replacing the cabinets with metal, wood, or glass shelves and you will have a showpiece in your kitchen. Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, the shelves make a bold statement for your kitchen. Even though covered up and open shelves are both trending, it is a very close competition. So, choose the kitchen design trend that suits your home.


4: Vintage Vibe:

People are going to basics in recent years. We can see various traditional elements in the market. So, why not make the kitchen a little bit traditional too. You can add a vintage fixture or lighting to give a soothing effect. Think about natural stone, hand wrapped rattan furniture and organic basalt tiles. All these things will make your kitchen homier with different elements, and form a harmony with the modern designs of 2019.


5: Colored Upholstery:

It's 2019 and it is time that you let go of the perfect white color in your kitchen and add more color to it. Even if it is just a small element like a stool, or vase, or shade, it can make a huge difference. So, pop the colors in your kitchen and you will have a new feel without any major renovations.


6: Use Wood:

Even today, people dream of living in a wood house close to nature. So, why not make it happen now. If you are seeking a connection from nature, then you can get wooden interiors. Nothing feels more welcoming and calming than versatile, wood material. You'll have an airier space and wooden interiors give a stunning feel.


7: Color the Cabinets:

Colors are something that can change the whole look of a kitchen. Whether it is something small or more grand, a bit of color always looks good. So, choose a color that goes with your interior decoration and paints the kitchen with it. Many people are beginning to incorporate colored cabinets instead of white ones. You can create an earthy vibe by choosing colors like blue, brown or green. Paired with the right hardware, the colored cabinets will act as a contrasting interior for your home.


8: Contrasting Texture:

2019 is the year when you can get more creative and experiment a little bit with the kitchen design trends. Combine the contrasting textures and sleek finish to make your kitchen more interesting. Marble worktops, bronze inlays, matte cupboards, and unique flooring will complement your kitchen and will give you a layered urban glamour.


9: Raw Materials:

As we discussed above, people are going back to basics and wood, stone, jute, shiplap, etc. are all part of the basics. Dress down the elegance with handmade objects like seats, vases, and dinner table cutlery, and you will have a modern kitchen design.


10: Integrated Appliances:

Now, technology has automated almost everything, except humans. So, we have access to various equipment and appliances that can ease our work in the kitchen. Think about induction cooktops instead of stove-top ovens, and many more appliances that can be integrated into the kitchen to maximize the efficiency and space. This will create a seamless look and feel.


11: Pendant Light Fixtures:

You can never know how much lighting can affect your kitchen unless you see it for yourself. This might be one of the most popular kitchen design trends in 2019. All you need to do is to change the fixtures and install hanging pendant lights in an open space. This will act like a jewelry piece for the dining area and kitchen and it also gives a mid-century Italian finish to it.


12: Digitize:

Yes, you heard right, in modern times, how can you forget to digitize your kitchen? Digital technology has been driving innovations and new enjoyment in the household. Now, you can get a Wi-Fi enabled espresso machine, Smart fridges and washers, and much more.


13: Go For Black:

There are lots of people who would agree that black is their color. And if black is your color then why not add it into your kitchen too? The matte black color will give a dominant finish to the kitchen hardware and fixtures along with the furniture. It is a crisp accent color which adds drama to the kitchen without making it dark. So, along with the black accents, add some jewel-toned colors like pearl pink and have a cozy kitchen that will impress others.