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How to Choose a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

by ActionLocal Apr 7, 2019

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When a person or business can no longer bear the burden of paying their debt, that's when a bankruptcy lawyer is often contacted for discussion of a Chapter 7, 11 or 13. But the main difficulty is deciding which one you should choose, that's where your bankruptcy lawyer comes in. There are so many lawyers in every area who claims to be expert of all scenarios. You might see billboards, posters, TV ads, and newspaper promotions of various bankruptcy lawyers. And they all seem fine, but no one can tell for sure unless they've contracted them before for legal assistance.


Asking your friends and family can be a little awkward so that leaves research. When you are facing this kind of situation, it is vital that you seek an experienced attorney instead of a general practitioner. Bankruptcy is a complex field and you need expert advice to avoid complications.


The main issues a business or individuals face in such situations is:


  • Assessing when it is appropriate to file for bankruptcy or not.

  • Analyzing what would be the right time and condition to file.

  • Your present assets and future finances are at stake.


As all these things matter a lot and if you fail to follow all the regulations, then you might lose more than you expected. Therefore, it is important what to look for in a bankruptcy lawyer.


Find Quality Lawyers with Good Knowledge!


The field of bankruptcy involves empathy and communication skills along with the knowledge of laws. So pick a lawyer who can help you to work through the issues and provide you with alternatives to the implications of your choices.


  • Choose a lawyer with whom you can be comfortable with. It is important to ask as many questions as you can to understand your situation. You must be able to ask them questions and get logical responses.


  • Choose the lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy and is often involved in such cases.


  • Don't just hire a lawyer, interview them, get referrals and look at reviews on the internet. It's okay to interview a lawyer and leave without retaining them. That's why they offer free consultations.


When you are on the brink of bankruptcy, things could get a little dicey and stressful. Therefore, it is necessary that you contact someone who could be of real help. Looking for legal representation in bankruptcy cases is daunting at best, often embarrassing for some. Choose a professional you need to work hard to protect your assets. After all, it's about saving yourself from being completely broke. Some of the essential ideas to find a professional lawyer are given below:


  1. Seeking Referrals:

If you own a business, then it is unlikely that you are not friends with people who own other business. People like to be prepared for the worst and that's why they keep a track of bankruptcy lawyers too. And if someone from your circle has already gone through such a bankruptcy, then you can ask them for referrals. Make sure that you ask someone who really cares about you otherwise; you may suffer great losses.

  1. Internet Directories:

Bar Associations and private companies, all provide a list of bankruptcy lawyers on the internet. You can find a good directory and review the information provided. The internet directory will provide you with knowledge of the cases the lawyer handles and their philosophical point of views, in addition to the outcome of the case. You can also check their rates. Select a lawyer who suits your needs and goals.


What to Look for in Bankruptcy Lawyer?


Before you get to the part where you hire a lawyer, meet with them. It is a huge decision and you have to make sure that you don't end up making the wrong one. Some qualities that you should look for in a  Bankruptcy lawyer is listed below:


  • Experience: Years of practice doesn't always indicate that a person is professional. It's the cases and the outcomes that count. Ask how many cases the lawyer has handled in the past and what type of cases they were. You'll also have to make sure that the lawyer is experienced in with bankruptcy. You obviously like to be represented by someone who guides you in the right direction.


  • Competence: This is also a vital factor in deciding who will be your bankruptcy lawyer. You need someone who has the ability to do something efficiently. Don't just go with the years; look for the signs of hard work, dedication, and helpful nature that show off the competence of a person.


  • Reasonable Fees: As you are about to be bankrupted, you most certainly don't have that much money to waste. High fees don't always correlate with being the best in the field. And cheaper isn't always better. So, make sure that you choose an attorney who has the knowledge and knows the value of your money.


  • Communication Skills: The way your lawyer communicates with you is also crucial. If you ask them questions regarding the possible solution and they don't give clear and concise answers, then you should steer away from such kind of lawyers. It is vital that the lawyer stay loyal and truthful about the situations you might face during the case.


  • Accessibility: Last but not least, the accessibility of the lawyers is also necessary. If you need some questions answered and your lawyer is nowhere near to being accessible, then look to another lawyer that prizes communication.


Does the personality of the attorney reflect in their behavior? If a bankruptcy lawyer seems arrogant and dismissive, look elsewhere. As of today, finding a good bankruptcy lawyer is easier than it used to be. Just have a personal interview and be careful to observe everything happening around the lawyer. It is a serious matter and you should know as much as you can about your bankruptcy attorney before you sign them to represent you.